Chapter 1386 Find An Opportunity To Act


After Jiang Cheng learned that his men had failed again, he swept his arms in a wide arc and the items on his desk all crashed to the ground.

The two men trembled and bowed their heads in fear.

“You’ve failed this many times to merely deal with a woman! What are you if not fools?” Jiang Cheng was so furious that his chest was heaving violently up and down. His handsome face was engulfed in a fit of rage.

“Young Master, the other party almost discovered our identity. Had we not retreated, we would have implicated you,” explained one of the men.

“Enough excuses!” snapped Jiang Cheng.

The man shut his mouth immediately and dared not say anything further.

Jiang Cheng took a deep breath, suppressed the anger in his heart, and said, “I don't deny that Jin Fengchen is a very cautious person, but there will always be times of negligence.”

“Young Master, they have people investigating us covertly as well. It is very hard for us to make a move,” said the other man.

“Find a way.
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