Chapter 1389 It’s All My Fault

“Where’s Sese?”

Fengchen Jin grabbed a person and asked coldly.

When the other man saw him, he immediately bowed his head respectfully, "Young Master."

"I asked you where is she?"

"The Second Young Master and Young Mistress’ car hit a tree..."

Jin Fengchen looked in the direction he was pointing. When he saw Jin Fengyao's car, his heart stopped for a few seconds.

Hi Sese!

He saw red, and instantly ran over.

At this time, someone rushed over to stop him.

Jin Fengchen’s expression was dark and terrifying, and his eyes were filled with a ruthless bloodlust.

"Get away!" He yelled, lifted his long legs, and kicked the person to the ground fiercely.

When other people saw this, they gathered around.

"Get out of here!"

Jin Fengchen wanted to get to Jiang Sese’s side, and he acted quickly and ruthlessly. Even though his opposition was numerous, they were not his match.

In a short while, there was the sound of wails.

"Go away!" Jin Fengche
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