Chapter 1390 We’re Family

When Jiang Sese woke, her eyes were blinded by a piercing white light.

Where was she?

Was she not in the car with Fengyao?


A familiar voice rang in her ears.

She slowly turned her head, to meet a pair of eyes full of concern, her eyes instantly turned red, "Fengchen..."

She remembered the chase on the road, evading death several times, but in the end they ran into a tree.

When they crashed, she was filled with despair.

She thought she was dead.

She thought she would never see Fengchen and the children again.

Therefore, when she saw Jin Fengchen now, all her emotions gushed out, and she cried.

Jin Fengchen felt distressed, and while helping her to wipe her tears, he assured her softly: "It's okay, don't cry."

"I- I thought I would never see you again."

Jiang Sese looked at him with tears in her eyes.

Jin Fengchen laughed helplessly, "You silly goose, am I not here? How could you not see me?"

Jiang Sese grasped his hand tightl
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