Chapter 1393 Just Want Him To Be Safe And Sound

Following the doctor’s examination, Jin Fengyao simply needed to rest for a few days and he could be discharged.

"That's good." Song Qingwan breathed a sigh of relief, and her heart that had been in her throat since last night finally settled back to its original place.

Seeing her relieved expression, Jin Fengyao both felt distressed and yet blamed himself.

"I am a person who has always had a good life, how could I die earlier than those bad guys." Jin Fengyao said in a relaxed tone.

Song Qingwan puffed three times, staring at him displeased, "If you dare to mention this word again, watch out if I beat you."

As she said, she clenched her fist and made a gesture to punch him.

"Would you?" Jin Fengyao suddenly stared at her seriously.

Meeting his serious gaze, Song Qingwan was a little embarrassed, she hurriedly closed her eyes, "If you make a mistake, you will be beaten. There will be no reluctance."

"Really?" Jin Fengyao chuckled lightly, then beckoned, "Co
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