Chapter 1395 Never Forgive The Jin Family!

“My condolences.”

Sir Chen patted Shangguan Qian on the shoulder, and a sigh escaped his lips. “We’re also very sorry that this happened.”

The case was already in the final stages of the trial, and the accused suddenly died. Everyone in charge of the case was taken aback.

Things happened so suddenly that something seemed suspicious.

Right now, what was most important was to immediately find out Shangguan Yuan’s cause of death.

However, would Shangguan Qian agree to it?

Sir Chen hesitated before he said tentatively, “In order to be accountable to you and the public, we need to find out the cause of death.”

“Was the doctor unable to find out?” Shangguan Qian turned to look at him.

“No. Therefore…” Sir Chen paused. “The doctor would like to carry out an autopsy…”

“Autopsy?!” Shangguan Qian’s eyes widened. “Have you gone mad? You want to carry out an autopsy?”

Shangguan Qian clenched his fist. “If you need to carry out an autopsy to find out her cause of death, I’d rath
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