Chapter 1396 The Marketplace Is Like A Battlefield

Shangguan Yuan’s death was all over the news, causing some strange stories to spread around.

The news included that Shangguan Yuan had killed herself in despair as Jin Fengchen had hurt her feelings.

There was even news that Jin Fengchen had lost his memories.

All of this news was not good for the Jin Group, and it caused the company’s stock prices to drop by a few hundred points.

“Young Master, how could outsiders know of you losing your memories?” Gu Nian was extremely confused.

The affair had been hushed up very well. Apart from the Jin and Fang families, only Ying Tian, He Shuhan and himself knew about it; there was no one else.

This was not right!

Gu Nian’s expression suddenly froze.

The Shangguan family also knew.

Jin Fengchen saw the change in his expression, and his brows shifted slightly as he asked, “Did you think of something?”

Gu Nian nodded. “Could it be that the Shangguan family had leaked this out?”

His tone was slightly uncertain.

“Apart from the
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