Chapter 1397 Faked Death?

Shangguan Qian received a call from his assistant and found out that the Shan, Jiang, Bai and Yang families had all run into trouble. They were caught up in their own concerns and had no energy to spare to take on the Jin Group.

Truthfully, he was unsurprised at this development.

If Jin Fengchen could be so easily taken down, he would not be the force that he was in the marketplace for so many years.

However, right now, he could not be distracted as well.

To him, what was most important now was Shangguan Yuan’s funeral.

He needed to make sure Yuanyuan left this world properly.

The entire Shangguan residence was shrouded in grief. Shangguan Yuan’s body was kept in an ancestral hall behind the villa.

Shangguan Yuan’s friends in life as well as other relatives of the Shangguan family all came to pay their respects. Even though there were quite a few people present, the memorial hall was still extremely quiet.

“My condolences, Little Qian.” A relative walked over to Shanggu
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