Chapter 1399 Think Highly Of Himself

Madam Jin had not forgotten about her and Fang Xueman’s abduction. Everytime she thought about it, she felt some residual fear in her heart.

She sighed heavily, “This is all karma, and it’s truly not worth feeling sorry about.”

Jin Fengyao smiled, “Mom, that’s right.”

“We can finally have peaceful days in the future.” Madam Jin smiled at Jiang Sese.

Jiang Sese returned the smile and said nothing.

The days really did become peaceful. Jin Fengchen still left home early and came back late, while Jiang Sese stayed at home, reading and being with the children.

Meanwhile, ever since Shangguan Yuan’s funeral, the Shangguan family had gone quiet. There was not a peep from them.

Until a week later, when the Shangguan Group suddenly announced that it would be working with the Shan, Jiang and Bai families to develop an artificial intelligence software. The investment sum was in the hundreds of millions.

Instantly, the entire business world was shaken.

The Jin Group at the time h
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