Chapter 1400 Feigned Retreat?

“Mr. Fang, can you control yourself better?”

The makeup artist helped Liang Xinwei touch up her makeup as she said in half jest.

She originally came to call for them to go for the photoshoot, but who would have thought that Liang Xinwei's lipstick was gone when she came in.

Seeing Liang Xinwei so embarrassed that she did not dare to look at her, she knew what had happened.

Touching up makeup was a trivial matter. However, if her lips turned swollen, then the makeup would not look good.

"You made her so beautiful, how can I not be tempted?" Fang Yuchen asked seriously.

"Fang Yuchen!" Liang Xinwei stared at him in embarrassment.

Upon seeing this, the makeup artist laughed, "It's not that I made Ms. Liang beautiful, but rather she was beautiful all along."

Fang Yuchen nodded in agreement, "You’re right. Just based on what you said, I will definitely give you full marks for your service today."

"Thank you Mr. Fang."

Liang Xinwei, who was listening to t
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