Chapter 1402 I Know My Limits

After returning to Jin City, the days passed by peacefully.

Jiang Sese was going crazy at home, and suggested returning to the office to work.

"Fengchen, there will be nothing wrong with you by my side."

Jin Fengchen looked into her eyes full of expectation, and the corners of his mouth slowly raised, "Do you want to work that much?"

Jiang Sese nodded heavily.

Since Shangguan Yuan's death, everything has indeed returned to normal. It was very calm, as if what happened before was just a dream.

However, Jin Fengchen always felt a little uneasy.

"Fengchen, you are here, and we have Gu Nian and the others protecting us, nothing will happen." Jiang Sese was afraid that he would not agree, and quickly added another sentence.

Fengchen Jin pondered for a moment, "...Okay, I’ll let you go back to the company, but you'd better stay with me all the time."

Jiang Sese hurriedly responded, "No problem."

In this way, Jiang Sese returned to work for the Jin Group, and
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