Chapter 1414 It Is Not That Simple

Under Shen Mubai’s guidance, Xiaobao revealed everything that he had suffered.

Speaking from a place of anger, Xiaobao's immature face carried a hint of ruthlessness.

Shen Mubai could not help but be shocked, secretly grateful that Jin Fengchen had discovered this early. Otherwise, Xiaobao's psychology would surely be warped.

After Jin Fengchen contacted him last night, he planned out a series of treatments overnight.

After understanding Xiaobao’s real situation, it seemed that it was far more serious than he thought.

However, based on his professional ability, he was confident that he could treat him.

After an hour and a half, Shen Mubai and Xiaobao walked out of the room one after another.

“Xiaobao, today’s session was to get an understanding of your condition, and there will be other treatment sessions later. You must be punctual, understand?”

“Okay.” Xiaobao did not seem to resist.

This made Shen Mubai very pleased.

“Have a seat, I'll give your uncle a call and ask him to
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