Chapter 1417 Perhaps He Can Be Of Use

Late at night, when Jiang Sese was asleep, Jin Fengchen silently got up and crept out of the room to the study where he made a call.

“Why are you calling me so late at night?”

Shen Mubai’s curious voice could be heard on the other end of the line.

“Did you go to bed?” Jin Fengchen asked.

“No. What’s wrong?”

Jin Fengchen was silent for a few seconds, before he slowly spoke, retelling what happened tonight to him in detail.

“Are you telling me that Xiaobao lost his temper at Tiantian?” Shen Baimu thought that he had misheard.

Everybody knew how much Xiaobao loved his sister, how could he have lost his temper?


After receiving an affirmative answer, Shen Baimu frowned, “That’s not right, based on my treatment and observations, Xiaobao’s emotions are stable, and his state of mind is quite normal. He couldn’t have possibly lost his temper because of a broken pencil case.”

“However, the reality is that it did happen.” Jin Fengchen turned to look out at the dark sky
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