Chapter 1424 Unpredictable

Because of the Gu family’s incident, Crimmings’ company was affected as well and the shares had a small dip.

“Damn that Jin Fengchen!” Crimmings growled through clenched teeth with a vicious expression on his face.

In contrast to his rage, Shangguan Qian appeared more composed. He took a sip of coffee and said in a relaxed tone, “I expected a situation like this.”

Upon hearing that, Crimmings walked up to him and questioned him in annoyance, “Why didn’t you prepare for it?”

“Prepare?” Shangguan Qian put down his coffee and looked up at him. “Jin Fengchen is an unpredictable man. How am I to prepare for it?”

“Then why did you claim to have expected this situation?” Crimmings frowned. Perhaps he had been overseas for too long and could not communicate well.

“Isn’t a situation like this normal? Since he wants to get rid of us, he’ll surely find ways to exploit our weakness.”

“It’s normal, but we’ll be losing if it continues like this.” Crimmings moved to sit right across him and gr
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