Chapter 1426 The Daggers Are Out

Ever since the Jin Group had been targeted by Shangguan Qian and the others, they had been in a reactive posture.

It was a feeling Jin Fengchen disliked.

He had always preferred to seize the initiative.

It was just as Jin Fengyao said, this large international project would be a prime opportunity to strike at Shangguan Qian and his allies.

To Shangguan Qian and Crimmings, this was also a prime opportunity to strike at the Jin Group.

“The TS Group’s tender for the foreign project is one that the Jin Group must win. The Jin Group has been planning for this project for months.”

Shangguan Qian reported everything he had found out to Crimmings.

Crimming smiled coldly, “If it’s that important to him, he’d die from annoyance if he doesn’t secure it.”

“It’s no big deal if he’s annoyed, the most important thing is that the Jin Group will suffer great losses.” Shangguan Qian narrowed his eyes which were filled with gloom. “They have invested greatly in their plans over the past f
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