Chapter 1429 Utterly Heartless

The Yang family had always been keen on public welfare, and therefore the public held them in high regard.

He Shuhan was surprised when he received instructions to investigate the Yang family at first, because in his opinion there was nothing to investigate. It did not seem like there were any skeletons to find.

But after some deep digging, he found a very horrifying secret.

A secret that ran counter to the good image that the Yang family had enjoyed over so many years!

He Shuhan reported this finding to Jin Fengchen without delay.

"Young Master, Chairman Yang Song has been donating to an orphanage over the past few years. This is supposed to be a good thing, but after my investigation, I found that he was actually..."

He Shuhan clenched his fists, somewhat unable to speak.

"What's the matter?" Jin Fengchen frowned, realizing that the matter might be serious.

He Shuhan took a deep breath, "In the past few years, he has repeatedly tried to molest the girls in the orphanage."

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