Chapter 1437 It Is The First Time We Have Met

“We cannot let the JR Group cooperate with the Jin Group!" Shangguan Qian's expression was gloomy.

Crimmings narrowed his eyes for a while and said, “We have to find a way to meet Li Xi and talk about the collaboration in person. Maybe she will see our sincerity and choose to cooperate with us.”

“Meet in person?” Shangguan Qian snorted. “Did you think that I didn't think of this? I have called but the other party expressed that they won't meet with anyone for the time being.”

“Impossible! Since the JR Group chose to shift its focus to the domestic market, they must hope to meet with every company who actively seeks to cooperate with them.”

“Nevertheless, this is the information I received.” Shangguan Qian leaned back on the couch. He was initially very upset but now had calmed down instead.

“There will be an opportunity to meet.” A sneer was evoked from the corner of Shangguan Qian's mouth.

If Li Xi did not want to meet with anyone, he would go and meet her in person.

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