Chapter 1438 Feels Similar To Shangguan Yuan

Jin Fengyao returned home and went straight to the study.

Jin Fengchen was dealing with some work in the study. As soon as he saw him come in, he closed the file in his hand and asked, "Dinner’s over?"

“Yeah.” Jin Fengyao walked to the couch and sat down.

"How was it?"

Jin Fengyao pondered for a moment. "She’s quite a strange woman."

“Strange?" Jin Fengchen was slightly surprised.

"To be more precise, I should have said that she was an insincere woman." Jin Fengyao got up, approached him, and continued, “Although she said she wanted to cooperate with the Jin Group, I couldn't feel her sincerity.”

Jin Fengchen was silent for a few seconds. “... Then what did she say?”

“She said that she was interested in the artificial intelligence project and wanted to collaborate with the Jin Group. Moreover, the profit-sharing ratio given to the Jin Group is very high. After my calculations, the JR Group would not make money at all.”

At this point, Jin Fengyao frowned. "Then what's the point
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