Chapter 1440 Why Are You Blushing?

That weekend, Jiang Sese took two children to the Capital.

Knowing that she was coming, Fang Teng and Shang Ying arrived at the airport earlier to pick them up.

When they saw their granduncle and grandaunt who they had not seen for a long time, Xiaobao and Tiantian happily rushed over.

“Granduncle, Grandaunty! We missed you so much," said Tiantian adorably.

Fang Teng and Shang Ying’s eyes had already melted into pools of water.

“We missed you too." Fang Teng hugged Tiantian.

“Hello, Uncle, Aunty. It’s been a while.” Jiang Sese stepped forward and hugged Shang Ying.

Shang Ying grabbed her arms, looked her up and down, and frowned. “Why have you grown thinner?”

“Really?” Jiang Sese touched her face.

She did not think so.

“Yes, you’re significantly thinner.” Shang Ying's expression was full of distress. “It’s rare that you finally get to come here. Stay a few more days. I will help you to replenish your body.”

Jiang Sese smiled helplessly.

This was always the case with elders;
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