Chapter 1441 Be This Happy Always

Fang Yuchen returned home just before dinnertime.

When Tiantian saw him, she ran toward him immediately.

“Youngest Uncle!”

Fang Yuchen picked her up and gently squeezed her nose. His handsome face was all smiles. "Did you miss me?"

"Yes!" Tiantian answered very loudly.

Fang Yuchen’s eyes squinted contentedly. “Looks like my love for you was not in vain.”

He carried Tiantian to the living room, where Xiaobao and Anan were trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Upon seeing him coming, they immediately put down the jigsaw puzzle in their hands.

“Youngest Uncle,” greeted Xiaobao.

Fang Yuchen put Tiantian down and reached out to touch his head. "Have you bought any new models recently?"

Xiaobao nodded. "Yes. Daddy and Uncle bought many new models."

Since he did not attend school, Jin Fengchen and Jin Fengyao were worried that he would be bored, so they bought a lot of models and put them at home for him to kill time.

“You must show me your new models when you get a chance.”

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