Chapter 1447 He’s Not A Shallow Person

In view of everyone, Li Xi walked right over to Jin Fengchen and stretched out her hand, a bright smile on her pretty face, “Your reputation precedes you, Chairman Jin.”

Jiang Sese could not help but shudder when she saw Li Xi’s uncannily false face up close.

She was clearly smiling, but why did she seem so frightening?

Jin Fengchen did not take her hand and said indifferently, “Hello.”

Li Xi withdrew her hand with an embarrassed expression, but quickly recovered, “I’m glad that you could come today.”

Following that, she turned to Jiang Sese and asked with a smile, “You must be Chairman Jin’s wife, Jiang Sese?”

Jiang Sese nodded, “Hello.”

“So nice to finally meet you. You truly are very beautiful, Mrs. Jin.”

The praise was so clearly insincere.

Jiang Sese made nothing of it and said humbly, “Compared to you, Ms. Lee, I’m plain.”

“Really?” Li Xi had a very surprised look on her face. She then said half jokingly, “If that’s true, why doesn’t Chairman Jin look at me mo
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