Chapter 1455 Violence Is Not The Answer

The Jin Group was enveloped in a tense and depressive atmosphere, and the relevant employees were under investigation.

Strangely, every employee seemed to have come up clean.

Hearing the results of this report, Jin Fengchen remained silent for a long time before he said solemnly, "The company's security work has always been very strict, and it cannot be an outsider."

"Master, do you want to investigate again? Maybe something is missing?" Gu Nian asked.

Jin Fengchen lifted his eyes, his eyes were as deep as the deep ocean, without a trace of panic. It felt like the Jin Group was not in a crisis at all.

"Carefully investigate again." Jin Fengchen said.

Gu Nian thought for a moment and asked, "Should the core personnel of the project be the focus of questioning?"

"Gu Nian, how many years have you followed me?" Jin Fengchen asked in reply.

Gu Nian quickly lowered her head, "I know what to do."

Jin Fengchen’s well-knotted fingers tapped the table lightly, his eyes floating coldly,
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