Chapter 1458 I’m Here To Save You


Gu Nian took out his mobile phone and prepared to call the police. At that moment, Jin Fengchen continued, "Prepare a lawyer's letter and sue Jinxu Technology to safeguard the company’s legal rights and interests."


Gu Nian hurried away.

As soon as the police opened the case, they immediately sent people to investigate. According to the clues provided by Gu Nian, they found Li Mingzhe's residence.

Unexpectedly, it was empty.

Li Mingzhe seemed to have seen it coming and had already escaped.

Upon hearing this news, Gu Nian's face turned dark.

He reprimanded his subordinate before reporting the matter to Jin Fengchen.

"Young Master, it's my negligence. I did not make sure they kept a proper watch on him.” Gu Nian took responsibility for it.

Although his subordinates dozed off on the job, it was still his responsibility.

"Keep looking. We need Li Mingzhe as a witness!" Jin Fengchen ordered in a deep voice.

Gu Nian nodded, "I understand."

"What are you tal
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