Chapter 147 Not as Worthy as My Son

That night, after dropping off Jiang Sese at her home, Jin Fengchen drove back to his place.

Jiang Sese was in a good mood. After taking a shower, she caught a glimpse of the new clothes Jin Fengchen had purchased. She subconsciously tried them on. She had refused to try them on back at the store so he had just bought the ones he thought would fit her well.

The clothes fit Jiang Sese's body surprisingly well, as if they were custom made for her. Studying herself in the mirror, Jiang Sese's eyes were filled with delight, her thoughts unconsciously floating back to Jin Fengchen.

At this moment, her phone on the table chimed. It was a text from Jin Fengchen.

"I've come back home. Xiaobao really loves the clothes that you picked out."

The corner of Jiang Sese's lips tugged upward as she heard that.

"I'm glad that Xiaobao loves them. Put him to bed early. You should rest early too."

"All right, goodnight."

"Goodnight," she thought to herself.

She turned off her phone, changed into
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