Chapter 1470 Very Close Relationship

He Shuhan’s work was very efficient and it only took him one day to dig up information on Crimmings.

He Shuhan personally rushed to the office and reported, “Young Master, Crimmings has a bad reputation abroad.”

Jin Fengchen frowned. “Why?”

“His company was founded in South America and was initially a small operation. In order to expand, he used underhanded tactics to forcibly acquire many companies.”

Jin Fengyao snorted coldly. "’Acquire’ is such a nice way to put it. They’re obviously hostile takeovers."

Jin Fengchen glanced at him and said solemnly, “Shuhan, you can tell me more specifics."

He Shuhan nodded. "Yes."

"In South America, Crimmings pretended to collaborate with other companies and used high returns to lure those companies into contracts. When those companies invested heavily, they only found out that it was a scam until their pockets were emptied. Crimmings took advantage of their company's imminent bankruptcy and bought them all.”

“It was precisely these methods
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