Chapter 1474 Treasure Hunt

Jin Fengchen walked into the room and saw Jiang Sese clutching her phone and staring into space.

He walked up to her and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Jiang Sese was startled but immediately recovered. She turned to look at him and smiled slightly as she said, "It's nothing. My cousin called me."

"What did he say?" asked Jin Fengchen.

Jiang Sese tucked her hair behind her ears and smiled. “Grandfather’s birthday is coming soon, and my uncle and family want to make it a lively affair. They hope our family can attend.”

Jin Fengchen touched her hair. "Do you want to go to the Capital immediately?”

Jiang Sese originally wanted to deny it. She pursed her lips, raised her eyes to look at him, and said frankly, “I really miss Grandfather. I really want to go to the Capital to see him as soon as possible."

Her grandfather had encountered an accident not long after she was re-inducted into the Fang family. So, she did not get to spend much time with her grandfather.

Nevertheless, she co
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