Chapter 1478 Are You Afraid Your Wife Will Disappear?

Old Man Fang looked at Jiang Sese and her two children, and there was always a smile on his face. He was clearly in much better spirits than he was before.

Shang Ying could not help but sigh, "Sese, your grandfather is in such better spirits when he sees you. If you could stay by his side, that would be great.”

When Jiang Sese heard this, she turned to the Old Man and smiled, "I would also like to be with grandpa everyday, but Xiaobao and Tiantian need to go to school, and I have to go to work. However…”

She changed the topic. "Communication is so convenient now that grandpa can video call with us at any time if he misses us."

Old Master Fang smiled and nodded. "Well, yes, I will give you a video call whenever I miss you in the future."

Although he also wants the children to be around, he knew that they had their own things to do.

"Sister Sese, have some tea." Liang Xinwei came with tea.

"Thank you." Jiang Sese smiled at her and took a sip of tea.

Shang Ying took Liang Xinwe
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