Chapter 148 The Grandfather

Su Shan made a few suggestions for the proposal and Jiang Sese took it back for revision. She finished it before she left the office that evening.

It was getting late so Jiang Sese texted Ye Jianyang to ask if he had time to meet her tomorrow.

Ye Jianyang got back to her very soon. He wrote: "Yes, let's meet tomorrow."

There was a flash of happiness in Jiang Sese's eyes. She thought about something for a minute. And then instead of going home, she went to a street that was famous for selling antiques. Some of the antiques weren't even expensive. And if you were lucky, you could acquire something invaluable at a very good price.

Jiang Sese wanted to buy a set of teaware for Ye Jianyang because he was a very sincere business partner, and the money would be covered by the company anyways.

It was a very busy neighborhood with a huge crowd. Jiang Sese walked around to find only one tea set that she liked in a store.

The teaware looked very ancient with bamboo painted with black ink on
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