Chapter 1480 Radishes And Green Vegetables Have Their Own Love

Tiantian was very clever. When Jiang Sese said this, she immediately hugged Jin Fengchen's thigh and said, "Daddy, come and do it with us, okay?"

Jin Fengchen could not resist his daughter’s demands. He got up and held Tiantian as he softly said, "Okay.

Jiang Sese was somewhat surprised, and she gave him a look that asked if he was sure.

"It is rare for me to have time to accompany you and the children. I will do anything as long as you are happy."

When she heard this, Jiang Sese’s heart warmed. She stood on tiptoe and hugged him gently. "Thank you."

An hour later, the jigsaw puzzle was finished thanks to the cooperation of the family of four.

The jigsaw puzzle was of a Disney Princess.

Looking at the assembled jigsaw puzzle, Tiantian smiled broadly, which was very cute.

"Do you like it, Tiantian?" Jiang Sese asked.

Tiantian nodded. "I like it, I like it very much."

"Then let's hang it in this room, shall we?" Jiang Sese asked again.

Tiantian’s face wrinkled. "Can't we bri
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