Chapter 1482 Xiaobao Is Her Own Son

The birthday party ended in jubilant excitement. After seeing off the guests, Jiang Sese and the rest returned to the old Fang Residence.

At home, everyone was exhausted.

After washing up, they went to bed and soon fell asleep.

Xiaobao and Tiantian went to bed obediently after taking a shower.

It was getting late, and the old house was quiet.

Jiang Sese went downstairs to pour a glass of water in the kitchen, only to find that her mother, aunt and parents-in-law were still chatting and talking in the living room.

Therefore, she went over.

"Why don't you rest?" She asked doubtfully.

After such a long day, they should be very tired. How could they have such a high spirited chat?

"The birthday party was so lively that when I went home to be quiet, I was not used to it." Shang Ying said with a smile.

"We just want to chat."

Master Jin and Madam Jin were not as sentimental as the two of them. They just could not sleep and wanted to talk.

Jiang Sese smiled and sat down beside her
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