Chapter 1486 Perfume

Jiang Sese sneezed continuously, and she rubbed her nose forcefully, but still felt uncomfortable.

“Go wash your face first, see if that helps.” Jin Fengchen said gently as he looked at her red nose.


After Jiang Sese had washed her face, she found that she did feel a lot better. However, she still sneezed from time to time.

She did not give it much thought, and felt that the perfume would eventually dissipate.

When she reached home, everyone at home asked her why she was using perfume.

Jiang Sese could only recount what had happened at the office in the afternoon with a bitter smile.

“It’s so strong, how many times did she spray you with it?” Song Qingwan pinched her nose and frowned.

She was pregnant, and she felt nauseous at smelling the overly strong perfume.

“Two or three pumps.”

Jiang Sese had just said that when she sneezed, which caused Song Qingwan to jump in fright.

“Sister in law, what’s wrong?”

Jiang Sese sniffled and had a helpless look on he
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