Chapter 1489 Pregnant?

Jiang Sese knew that Jin Fengchen was worried, so she paid great attention to rest when she was working. She would not reduce her rest times for work.

After several days, her work progressed very smoothly, but suddenly one day, she somehow felt very sleepy.

A sudden fatigue.

She could hardly keep her eyes open, so she had to put down her work and have a rest.

When she took this rest, she slept for more than two hours before waking up.

When she woke up, Jin Fengchen sat on the edge of her bed and looked at her anxiously. "Are you too tired?"

Jiang Sese sat up and frowned for a moment. "No, I have had a good rest these days, so I shouldn't be so tired."

Jin Fengchen obviously did not believe her. He frowned and said, "Sese, I know you really want to do things well, but there is no need to worry about everything."

Jiang Se saw that his expression was not pleasant. She grabbed his arm and shook it gently as she said, "Don't be angry. I'll just pay attention next time."

Jin Fengch
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