Chapter 149 Get the Project Done

Jin Fengchen walked to the door. And with his eyes on the old man, he said politely, "Grandpa."

The old man nodded and said, "Finally you're here! Where is Fengyao? He isn't here?"

Jin Fengchen, with a light smile on his face, said, "You know how he is. He's always fidgeting."

The two brothers of the Jin Family would visit their grandpa when they had time. Jin Fengyao always got bored right after he was seated. The second Young Master of the Jin Family wasn't interested in sitting down, playing the chess and drinking tea at all. He would rather work in the office.

The old man smiled. "That kid..."

Jin Fengchen helped the old man through the door while saying, "Let's go inside, Grandpa. I'll challenge you to a chess match."

The old man was pleased to hear that.

Jin Fengchen noticed that the tea set was gone the minute he got in. He knew that his grandpa had always been fond of that set and it had been there for a long time. Jin Fengyao once asked if he could give it to a client a
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