Chapter 1492 Must Investigate Thoroughly

Jin Fengchen really did not know about this.

When he heard it, his heart seemed to be severely gripped, and his chest was so stuffy that he could not breathe.

He hated his memory loss, for making him forget such an important thing.

He looked at Jiang Sese’s pale cheeks, his black eyes intertwined with love and guilt.

If he had known earlier, he would never have given her the job of event planning.

When Feng Yao saw that his face was very ugly, he hesitated before opening his mouth, "Brother, because of the virus, sister-in-law almost died several times before, so this time ..."

He was afraid to finish his sentence.

“She won't."

A husky voice sounded in the ward, and Jin Fengchen held Jiang Se's hand tightly, and repeated the sentence with determination, "She will be fine!"

Jin Fengyao nodded, "Yes, sister-in-law will be fine. I will contact Mo Xie, they must have a way to save her. "

After saying this, he turned and hurried out.

The ward quieted down.

Jin Fengchen held Jian
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