Chapter 1493 Want To Grow Old With Him

Jin Fengyao was shocked, "Drugged? What's going on? "

"Mo Xie, they extracted a strange drug from Sese’s blood."

"No, since you came back, sister-in-law rarely came into contact with outsiders, so how could she be drugged?"

Jin Fengyao suddenly thought of something. "Is it something that only happened recently?"

These days, because she was planning the annual meeting, my sister-in-law really contacted many people.

Jin Fengchen’s eyes were slightly dull. "It should be."

Jin Fengyao thought for a moment and said, "Brother, I'm going to find out who wants to hurt sister-in-law."

After he said this, he turned to leave.

"Wait." Jin Fengchen stopped him.

Jin Fengyao turned his head. "What's the matter?"

"Go back to rest first, and wait until dawn."

It was the wee hours of the morning, and everyone was asleep. Even if he were to investigate now, he would not find anything.

"Then I will send someone to investigate early tomorrow morning."

Jin Fengyao strode away after saying this.
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