Chapter 1504 What's Wrong With Being A Wicked Person

Jin Fengchen pulled up to the driveway. When Jiang Sese and Tiantian got out of the car, he said, “I have a dinner event tonight. I will be back late.”

Jiang Sese smiled. “All right.”

She then continued, “Drive safe, and don’t drink so much.”

Jin Fengchen nodded, started the car, and drove away.

She watched as his car drove away, and only then did Jiang Sese turn and enter the house.

Jin Fengchen went to the office first to finish up some work. When it was almost time, he headed to a high-end club in Jin City.

As soon as he stepped inside, a staff member greeted him, “Welcome, do you have a reservation?”

Gu Nian stepped forward. “We’re here to see Chairman Shan.”

Upon hearing this, the staff member’s face lit up. “You are guests of Chairman Shan. Right this way please.”

He immediately took them to the third floor, stopped outside a private room, and opened the door, “Chairman Shan is in here. Please head inside.”

The sound of laughter was heard immediately and it was very liv
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