Chapter 1506 It Was Something Forgivable

At dinner, Master Jin noticed that Tiantian's eyes were red, and he frowned. "Tiantian, were you crying?"

He then looked at Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen.

Jiang Sese nodded. "Yes, she just cried."

"My dear, did anyone bully you?" Jin Fengyao squeezed Tiantian’s nose and asked softly.

Tiantian shook her head. "No one bullied me."

"Then why were you crying?"

Not waiting for Tiantian to answer, Jin Fengchen said, "Her teacher was replaced. She’s just not used to it yet.”

“They replaced the teacher again?” said Madam Jin in surprise. "Didn't they just change the teachers two days ago? What's going on over there? Changing teachers so frequently, aren’t they worried that the children won’t be able to adapt?"

Jiang Sese sighed and continued, "Actually, it's because Tiantian's favorite teacher was replaced."

Madam Jin frowned. "You mean that Teacher Yao was replaced?"


Their expressions showed a sudden realization. As soon as Tiantian returned home these past two days, she cons
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