Chapter 1508 All For Me?

When Lisa heard this, she jumped to her feet and ran to the door.

When she saw Bo Gelian, her face lit up. However it faded quickly. She huffed coldly, “What are you doing here?”

“Have you had breakfast?” Bo Gelian asked.

His tone of voice was not as cold as it was, and it even had a trace of warmth in it.

Lisa thought she was going crazy. If not, why would his tone be warm?

She remembered him as being cold and aloof to her. Even if his attitude changed, it would definitely be because of that b*tch Jiang Sese!

Lisa told herself in her heart to not be swayed by him, or else the only person who would suffer was her.

“Not yet. You wouldn’t be inviting me for breakfast, would you?” Lisa’s smile grew a little mocking.

Bo Gelian arched his eyebrows. “It would seem my motives have been seen through by you. Are… you free?”

Lisa opened her mouth to refuse, but she then thought that they actually had not had breakfast together in the longest time. She could not speak the words to refuse
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