Chapter 1512 Mastermind

After Jin Fengchen hung up, he immediately left the bedroom and walked into the study with a solemn face.

He turned on his computer and went to the page sent by Gu Nian.

He saw a catchy title.

[A Seriously Ill Old Man Died In His Sickbed. Whose Fault Is It?]

Jin Fengchen frowned as he quickly scanned the contents of the article.

The blogger was the daughter of the dead old man.

In her post, she mentioned how miserable her life was. She lost her mother when she was young and lived alone with her father. She finally graduated from college, but her father was seriously ill, and her family had very little savings.

But she did not give up and found a job in kindergarten. Who would have thought that only a few days after she went to work, she was fired by Jin Fengchen, the chairman of the Jin Group.

To this day, she did not know what mistakes she made.

Without a job, she had no income and no money to pay her father's medical expenses.

Her father died before she could pay the medic
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