Chapter 1518 I Don’t Blame You

When the family learnt that Jiang Sese was involved in an accident, they rushed to the hospital.

When Madam Jin saw Jiang Sese lying on the hospital bed, she began to weep, “She was perfectly fine when she left, why… how…”

Madam Jin looked away, covering her mouth to muffle her sobs.

Master Jin held her, gently rubbing her back.

“Bro, have they found the driver behind this?” Jin Fengyao asked.


“What did the police say?” Jin Fengyao asked once more.

“It’s a black car. It would be difficult to find out.”

When Jin Fengchen brought this up, his gaze hardened. “However, I’ve got Gu Nian looking into it. We’ll find out soon.”

“Mom, why don’t you and dad go home first, and come over when Sese wakes up?” Jin Fengyao said.

Madam Jin shook her head in refusal, “No, I want to be here when she wakes up.”

Actually, Jin Fengyao wanted to move his parents away because he could tell from his brother’s words that this was no ordinary accident.

With no other choice, he could only call
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