Chapter 1519 Karma

Bo Gelian never expected that the people who had raided his residence were sent by Jin Fengchen.

Apart from the past, he did not recall doing anything to draw Jin Fengchen’s ire.

Suddenly, he thought of something and he frowned deeply. “Could it be because I met Jiang Sese?”

When Carl heard the name Jiang Sese, his eyes flashed and he said carefully, “Sir, Ms. Jiang met with an accident on the way home after meeting you.”

As soon as he said this, Bo Gelian’s irises constricted, “What did you say?”

“A car ran a red light and rammed into her.”

In an instant, a terrifying thought crossed Bo Gelian’s mind.

However, he did not dare to confirm it.

“How is she? Is she hurt, did they find the culprit?”

Carl answered each of Bo Gelian’s chain of questions slowly and methodically, “I heard she’s fine, but they have not caught the culprit yet. It was a black car that fled the scene immediately after the crash.”

Black car?

Fled the scene?

It would seem that the culprit had come with in
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