Chapter 1520 Rebound

[The Jin Group caused an old man to die, and not even the Heavens can just stand by and watch. Karma has come after Jiang Sese!]

[Isn’t Jiang Sese the one who beat up Ms. Yao? The evil truly get what they deserve?]

[Karma isn’t enough, an eye for an eye is the best. Jiang Sese should just die!]

[That’s right, a power crazy person like Jiang Sese who bullies the weak is just a waste of air.]

[Die, b*tch!]

The comments online that insulted Jiang Sese were horrible to read. Jin Fengchen closed his laptop heavily, a terrifyingly dark expression marred his handsome face.

He could bear any kind of insult others heaped on him.

However, he would not suffer Jiang Sese to be cursed like that.

Those who insulted and cursed Jiang Sese would have to pay for their comments.

“Young Master, this is the best opportunity to act. We should release the evidence now, and public opinion will turn in our favor.”

Gu Nian had also seen the insults directed at the Young mistress online. It had enr
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