Chapter 1521 You’re Finally Awake

The comments finally began to turn in favor of the Jin Group, and Gu Nian let out a long sigh of relief.

He instructed his subordinates to keep a close eye on developments online, before he went to the hospital.

Jiang Sese was still unconscious in the ICU.

Jin Fengchen was sitting next to her in a sterile suit. He held her slightly cold hand tightly in both hands. His pain and guilt was clear in the gaze he directed at her pale face.

Mo Xie saw this and sighed lightly as he said, “Young Master, the Young Mistress’ fever is more or less gone, and her vital signs are back to normal. She is fine for now.”

“Why isn’t she awake then?” Jin Fengchen’s low voice spoke out in the ward.

“She’ll probably wake up soon.”

After saying this, Mo Xie said, “I’ll head out first. You should stay with her and say something.”

After he left, Jin Fengchen slowly leaned down and kissed the back of Jiang Sese’s hand gently, “Sese, Xiaobao and Tiantian are waiting for you to come home. Everyone’s waitin
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