Chapter 1522 Dare To Kick Him When He’s Down

“I’m very happy.”

Jin Fengchen leaned down and placed his forehead on her own. He looked into her clear eyes as his eyes turned red.

Jiang Sese’s heart ached and her eyes turned red too, “I’m sorry, I made you worry.”

“Don’t apologize.” Jin Fengchen stepped back and looked at her warmly. “It’s good enough that you’re awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Jiang Sese shook her head lightly, “No.”

Jin Fengchen had Mo Xie and Han Yu come in to help examine her, before he called home to tell them that Sese was awake.

After Mo Xie and Han Yu had finished their examinations, they found that Jiang Sese was in no real danger and the virus had been suppressed.

Jin Fengchen breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still a little worried. “How long can the virus be suppressed for?”

As long as she eats her medications on time, the virus won’t activate for now. However, don’t worry, Han Yu and I will find a way to get rid of the virus.”


Jiang Sese had only found out the virus ha
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