Chapter 1524 I Will Deal With Him Myself

At the same time as the comments online were buzzing, the results of the investigation into the old man’s death were released.

Death due to a lack of oxygen.

The hospital suspected that it could have been caused by moving the oxygen mask away from the mouth and nose during the treatment period.

The old man was in a constant coma, so there was no way he could have taken the oxygen mask off by himself.

The only possibility was that someone had done so purposefully.

Through the police investigations, Yao Yao was the most suspicious, and the Jin Group was completely unrelated to the old man’s death.

The police suspected that this was all planned by Yao Yao to slander the Jin Group.

However, Yao Yao was now an invalid, and this complicated matters. Somebody hazarded a guess that perhaps there was someone else behind the scenes.

Someone wanted to harm the Jin Group.

“Someone’s finally seen it.”

Jin Fengyao could not help but exclaim as he read the comments online.

The Jin group ha
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