Chapter 1525 I Will Be Obedient

Seeing the Jin Group’s stock slowly picking up again, Li Xi was so furious that she paced back and forth in her office. She was unreconciled and said, “How does Jin Fengchen get so lucky? He always manages to get out of danger."

Every time she thought that the Jin Group was finished, it managed to turn around.

It was really frustrating!

Li Xi slumped back down on the office chair annoyedly; the delicate make-up on her face was covered in a haze.

“Don’t be angry. He won’t always be this lucky and his luck will run out soon,” comforted Jiang Cheng as he walked over and sat at the edge of the desk.

Li Xi narrowed her eyes and thought for a moment. “Actually, I am more curious as to who was behind this that uses such ruthless methods. In order to avoid themselves being discovered, they poisoned Yao Yao to cripple her.”

She recalled seeing Yao Yao’s invalid and drooling appearance in the news, and she could not help but shudder.

Even she trembled at their ruthless methods.

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