Chapter 1526 The Answer Was About To Be Revealed

Jin Fengchen felt strange. She had been dizzy and groggy yesterday. Why was she suddenly so much better today?

Could this be a sign just before the pathogen was fully activated?

The more he thought about it, the more scared he became. He quickly contacted Mo Xie and Han Yu and asked them to come to the hospital.

Upon seeing Jin Fengchen’s ugly expression, Jiang Sese smiled and comforted him, “Fengchen, don’t think the worst of it. I’m really fine.”

Whatever the reason, her health suddenly improved.

This was a good thing.

“We’ll have to wait for Mo Xie and Han Yu to conduct some tests. Only then will we know for sure.” Jin Fengchen held onto her hand as if she would disappear.

Soon, Mo Xie and Han Yu arrived.

They were shocked when they saw Jiang Sese's energetic look. "Young Mistress, why are you…"

“Examine Sese immediately," ordered Jin Fengchen in a deep voice.

Mo Xie and Han Yu did not dare delay and quickly made preparations.

"I'll wait outside," said Jin Fengchen gently
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