Chapter 1527 Are You Afraid?

Carl had also found out Lisa's whereabouts, and he immediately reported to Bo Gelian.

"Sir, Lisa is hiding in a villa on the East side of the city."

"Are you certain?" asked Bo Gelian.


Bo Gelian narrowed his eyes, then stood up. "Let’s go meet her."

News of Jiang Sese's recovery also reached Lisa, and she was so furious that she smashed everything that could be smashed.

The whole room was in a mess, and her subordinates stood by the side trembling, not daring to even gasp.

“B*tch! That B*tch!" Lisa cursed savagely.

She thought that Jiang Sese would die a slow death with the onset of the pathogen, but she did not expect her to recover.

Lisa felt it was hard to breathe and was very uncomfortable.

She had to find a way to deal with Jiang Sese.

As long as Jiang Sese existed, she would not be happy!

At this time, a subordinate rushed inside in a panic. "Madam, it's not good. Bo Gelian is here with his men!"

Upon hearing this, Lisa's expression changed suddenly, and she h
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