Chapter 1528 Killing Two Birds With One Stone

The next day, Jin Fengchen returned to work as usual.

As soon as he arrived at the office, he immediately held a high-level meeting to arrange the work plan going forward.

For several days in a row, Jin Fengchen and Jin Fengyao both left the house early and returned late.

Jiang Sese and Song Qingwan were very distressed; they could not help, so they could only support silently.

Because of Yao Yao's slander, the company suffered significant losses. However, under the efforts of Jin Fengchen and Jin Fengyao to turn the tide, the company finally returned to normal, and all projects were progressing in an orderly manner.

Not only that, but many parties came and asked to collaborate.

This was really unexpected.

“Brother, are they really keen on collaborating?” asked Jin Fengyao doubtfully.

He was afraid that they would take advantage of their crisis for personal gain.

“They should be," said Jin Fengchen.

"Then we should consider working with them?"

"If the project is appropriate,
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