Chapter 1529 We Have A Common Enemy

Lisa was overwhelmed with resentment at the mere thought of Bo Gelian hitting her and almost strangled her to death because of that b*tch.

No matter the cost, she must get rid of that b*tch, Jiang Sese!

However, ever since Jiang Sese was discharged from the hospital, she had stayed at home and almost never went out. Even when she went out, she was surrounded by a bunch of bodyguards.

The men she sent out could not even get close.

If she did not get rid of that b*tch, Lisa felt that she was going to go crazy!

That evening, she received a strange call.

"Lisa, are you interested in working together? I can help you deal with Jiang Sese."

The caller was a woman; her voice was unfamiliar, yet, she knew about her and Jiang Sese!

Lisa was vigilant and thought it was Bo Gelian calling to test her, so she pretended to be ignorant and said, "I don't know Jiang Sese; you have the wrong number.”

Just when she was about to hang up, the other woman’s voice came through the receiver again. "L
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