Chapter 1531 What Good News?

“There’s nothing I can do about it for the time being.” Jiang Sese forced a smile. “Mo Xie and his team are still working on it. Perhaps they will find a way in the future.”

"Sister Sese." Liang Xinwei squeezed her hand in distress.

"I'm fine. You worry too much about me." Jiang Sese patted her hand to calm her down.

Fang Yuchen sighed softly. "You're still comforting us in turn in your condition."

"Otherwise? Should we just hug and cry together?" Jiang Sese smiled and joked.

Fang Yuchen smiled and did not say anything more.

Jiang Sese looked Liang Xinwei up and down. "Did you lose weight?”

Liang Xinwei turned to look at Fang Yuchen, lowered her head, and said shyly, "I’m with child."

"Huh?" Jiang Sese was taken aback for a moment, and looked at her belly in surprise. "You... Are you pregnant?"

“It's been almost three months." Liang Xinwei raised her hand to cover her still flat belly, with a happy smile on her face.

"Congratulations!" Jiang Sese was very happy for her.

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